Battery Booster Vs Battery Chargers: Which Is Best For You

Booster Vs Charger: A Brief Comparison.

Battery booster is one of the options you can use to start your car when your battery gets discharged all of a sudden. Another option to start your car in such condition is by recharging its battery. But both of these options have their own pros and cons. A Brief comparison between battery boosters and battery chargers will help in making a right decision while buying one for your car.

Types of Battery boosters: Are jump starters Right For Your Car?

Battery boosters or jump starters can help in starting your car by boosting the charge of its battery but it cannot recharge a battery that is the alternators job once the automobile has been started. Though jump starters are available in various sizes, compact and portable boosters are commonly preferred by car owners, compared to booster cables. So while buying a jump booster for your car you should check its suitability for your car battery before investing in it. The compact battery enhancers can be used to boost the battery of your automobile, however, the main benefit of jump starters is that you can carry in your car so that you can start your car anytime and anywhere if its battery is likely to die.

The Structure of boosters:

The exterior of pocket-sized compact battery boosters is usually made of high-grade plastics and rubber because they are fire and heat resistant materials. The integral part of these jump starters includes lithium-ion batteries with capacity ranging between 6,000mAh and 12,000mAh to boost the batteries for 500 to 1000 times by generating the peak currents ranging from 150 amperes to 100 amperes. However, they are still portable as they are lighter in weight and smaller in size. They can generate a 12-volt power and variable current as required by the car battery by connecting it through long and heavy duty cables. Some of these jump starters are capable of increasing amperes of your battery.

Use of battery charger:

The battery of your car has to be recharged when it gets discharged. The car battery can be recharged only by using a quality battery charger instead of a battery booster. While finding a suitable charger for your car battery it is necessary to understand the working of batteries and role of electricity in it. Any battery charger, whether it is used for your car or your truck, can supply direct current by converting alternate current. Alternate current is the current supplied by your residential power outlet whereas direct current is required to recharge the battery. The voltage of both of these currents is much different. A battery charger converts 110-120 volt alternate current or AC into direct current or DC of 12-volt required by your battery. Some of the batteries require 6-volt or 24-volt to be recharged. So while buying a battery charger for your car battery you should consider the type of your battery.

Amperage of the battery:

Another important factor to be considered while purchasing a battery charger is its amperage. Amperage is the speed of charging required by a car battery to be recharged. The amperage of the battery is directly proportionate to the time taken to recharge it effectively. It can also help in avoiding the overcharging of the car battery as it can damage it. Most battery charger available these days switch off automatically after charging your battery to a specified level. The microprocessors used in such battery chargers ensure that the battery of your car is charged fully before it switches off the charger. You can also buy a manually operated battery charger for your car battery. But to avoid overcharging of the battery you will have to be careful of disconnecting it after recharging your battery fully. The only drawback with battery chargers is that you cannot use them wherever you want as they require a power outlet to work properly.

Thus after comparing battery booster and battery charger you can easily make a right decision while buying one for your car.

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