Anker Compact Car Jump Starter and Portable Charger Power Bank

Product Name:Anker Compact Car Jump Starter
Amps:400A Peak current
Features:Advanced Safety, Ultra Compact, 2X Powerful USB Ports, 400A Peak Current, 18-month warranty
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Perfect Jump Starter: Anker Compact Car Jump Starter is an essential equipment for every careful car drivers. This device has got your back in the event of a dead car battery; it’s the right equipment to jumpstart your vehicle and bring it back to life, and you don’t have to go borrowing another car battery and jump cables.
New And Improved: Made with state-of-the-art technology which translates to its efficiency and reliability. This technology now features an excellent protection against power surge, high voltage, overcharge, and so on. This Car Jump Starter can jumpstart any 12V engines a lot better than an average Car Jump Starter. It can comfortably jump start 6L or 3.5L diesel engines.
Multi-Functional: This is an all-in-one car gadget that doesn’t just work as car Jump Starter but also as a portable charger power bank as well as an ultra bright LED Flashlight to make things easier for you in the dark. This is indeed a must have equipment that must always be kept in your car.
Ultra-Slim and Lightweight: This thin and light nature of Anker Compact Car Jump Starter is another reason why it’s the best choice when it comes to Car Jump Starters. It’s easy and convenient to carry along and so slim that it can fit comfortably into your car glove compartment.
Built Rugged: We urge you to keep in mind as you purchase this quality product built tough enough to withstand rigorous usage and just durable enough to serve you for very many years without issues. With this quality product, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Product descriptions:

If you have ever been left stranded on the road in the middle of your trip or made to get to work late all as a result of dead car batteries, you will agree that such experience isn’t worth having. It’s such a situation that nobody wants to encounter. But unfortunately, such situations often arise without warning. That is why you need an emergency strategy to escape it when it happens.
Anker Compact Car Jump Starter is your only reliable friend that will always be there to your rescue in the event of an emergency. This life-saving gadget has essential features that will bail you out when stuck on your way due to dead car batteries and you need not looking for batteries or jump cables to borrow. It’s a must have for every car owner. It’s not only helpful to you as the owner, but you can also use it to help others who need help.
Anker is a new and improved Car Jump Starter of 400A peak current, strong enough to jumpstart 12V engines far better than other brands.
It’s easy to set up and use when you abide by the provided instructions. Join our happy customers as you purchase this quality product all to yourself.

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