Portable Jump Starter for Dead Car Batteries

Although your car's battery does not run your entire car, if the battery goes dead or gets discharged, the complete system will go down as well. Therefore, you will have to figure out a way to jumpstart the automobile so that you can drive it home. Earlier, when the portable jump starters weren't on the market, people relied on the traditional techniques of reviving a discharged or dead car battery.

You would have to get a replacement car battery, preferably a well-charged battery that has been recently used. Next, you had to look for booster clamps that would connect the dead or discharged car battery onto the live one. After establishing the connection, the car owner must attempt to re-start the car with the help of the power or juice from the other car battery.

More often than not, this approach worked. However, there was no guarantee that it would successfully work every time because the peak power and the power level of car batteries differ for each battery. If you are looking for better chances of revival of your dead car battery, get yourself a portable jump starter. If you are wondering, what does a portable jump starter do? Well, it mimics the power-transfer features and power retaining of a regular car battery. This rapid and massive expel of energy can be referred to as the jump start.


A jump start will revive your car's dead battery. Just like a doctor uses a defibrillator for normalizing the pumping of the human heart, a battery booster acts as a defibrillator to normalize a dying battery. Do it right the first time. You have just one chance to revive the dead cells. A fully discharged car battery needs a massive release of electrical energy for revival. The residual charge within the portable booster is of no use for jump starting any battery.

If you are among those who has never used a portable jump starter earlier, you may feel that this gadget is potentially dangerous and complicated. However, the fact is that a jump starter is certainly not dangerous, particularly if you have bought it from a reputable store. Firstly, the booster clamps and wires used in a portable battery booster are designed to sustain the massive voltage required to revive the dead car battery. Secondly, the alligator clamps required for boosting your battery is color-coded. Connect the red alligator clamp to the positive or red terminal of the car's battery.

The black clamp must stay connected to the battery's negative terminal. In case you accidentally switch the alligator clamps and terminals, radio or alarm system within the booster will set off. The alarm will warn you prior to the launch of the boosting mechanism. If used correctly, the car will start immediately.

Remember, a portable jump starter is a worthy addition to any person's garage!

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